The Mixologists' Choice

A simple way to Perfect Your Serve


Available in on-trade exclusively through Molson Coors Beverage Company

Perfect Your Serve and Delight Your Customers. 

Mixologist's Garden makes every drink effortlessly exquisite.


It’s 100% fruit but with a modern twist: all the garnish is freeze-dried.

Consumers who have tried Mixologist's Garden comment on the flavour and colour released as superior to fresh.

Consistent quality

Cut out the guess-work from your serves. Perfect garnish every time.

Versatility in Application

Inspiring with G&T, Sparkling Wine, Ciders, Hard Seltzers, Soft Drinks and anything else you would like to serve.

Serve lasting memories

Our fruit slices have been created to provide fruit satisfaction. From smell to taste - all is exquisite.

Ambient garnish with perfectly fresh finish

Our garnish is freeze-dried for ambient storage and long shelf-life but it instantly rehydrates in the drink.


Change ordinary into extraordinary
simply by adding our fruit
before every pour, for intense flavours
and fabulously finished serves.

Experience your drink like never before
– effortlessly garnished, sophisticatedly
finished, and perfectly served.

When immersed in liquid, Mixologist's
Garden fruits release their intense
flavours and colours in a dazzling
display of perfection.

Mixologist's Garden uses specially selected and highest quality fruit, freeze dried in a flash to lock in taste and create stunning serves every time.

Perfecting Your Serve is simple...


Drinks should be cool

Mixologist's Garden

Let is rest on top of the ice


Pour it onto the garnish to bring out the flavours

Where to buy

For direct customers order online (use www.mymolsoncoors.com). Or Call the contact centre on 03456 000 888

Perfection. Every time.

Whether your bartender is experienced or just beginning their journey we make sure customers are served perfection, every time.

Be always ready.

How many more drinks you could serve if only you always had the right garnish? Now you can - ambient solution for every occassion.

Eliminate waste.

The shelf-life of our garnish is counted in months not days and it always looks perfect in the drink. It is 100% fruit after all.


Premiumise your drink and make every serve an experience for customers. Perfect Your Serve and make the memory of your bar last forever.