Our Mission

We want every drink to be Perfect and to leave a memorable experience for customers.

We give you all the tools you need to Perfect Your Serve 


Our Story

When people visit a bar, they expect the best: and a little garnish goes a long way to elevating their drinking  experience.

What they don’t see is the unglamorous reality of constantly stocking fresh fruit: having too much, running out, wastage... it’s inefficient and ineffective. We thought there must be a better way!

That’s where Mixologist’s Garden comes in. We’ve experimented and perfected our process to create the best shelf-ready garnish to Perfect Your Serve, every time.

Simply fresh fruit, freeze dried in a flash to lock in taste, ready and waiting for the next time someone expects the best from their drink


A night out with friends, wedding day, a celebration of promotion or that nervous first date - we want every moment to be memorable.

A drink without a garnish is only half of a drink. We buy with our eyes. Make sure your drinks are stunning to instantly amaze.

Mixologist's Garden is centred on delivering the Experience to your customers so they come back for that elusive moment of perfection. 


It's all about your customer.